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Time's relativity

Time's relativity

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There's always a shortage.

This is the relativity of time. It's a simultaneous event: We have less and less time, while having too much time on our hands at the same time (or not enough things to do).

How can we catch our deadlines while being bored?

What do you do in your extra time?

Order some food instead of cooking ourselves.

Taking the car instead of going by bike.

Working from home instead of commuting to work for an hour.

What are you going to do?

We all live in borrowed time. There's no refunds nor certainties.

At one moment the only time you will be worrying about, is the time you've wasted.

Defining time

Time is not a constant. There's no universal reference everyone uses.

This does not mean we can't synchronise using the same constant (like a pulsing light).

Time is an arbitrary measurement of change. Without change, there's no time. Our seconds are manmade: We decided a long time ago to break the change in the sun's appearance into little pieces. Later we found out the 'earth-sun' relationship is not static; this relationship changes over time. The change, changes.

These days, we luckily have a different definition of a second. We found a few contstants; things that don't change as time passes.

Luckily we have some power over how time in our own life passes.

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