Wouter Dijkstra

I make things like VoiPPush, FileFish & HappyMaps.

About Me

This here is where you'd probably expect a paragraph of text, written by me or someone else, describing who I am.

Describing who I am, or describing a version of me I would want you to think I am, is something that doesn't feel right to me. In life, it's important to form opinions - or learn to form them - by yourself.

You, as a reader, have already formed some sort of opinion about me, even though I have not said much substantiative.

Take a look at my website, read some of my stuff, visit some of my projects and get to know me a bit better. Or don't, it's up to you!

My thinkings

Thoughts are there to have, to develop and, more often than not, to share. Thoughts can confuse you, make you come to an understanding or take you to an extreme. Thoughts are intangible, thoughts cannot be grasped and thoughts are difficult to express.

On my road to more clarity, an attempt to stay positive, I share some of my thoughts, struggles and webdev tactics here. I hope some of them provoke thoughts, while others might just be useful.


Work & Play

“Being busy is a process in which development is the result.”

In addition, time is a given while the quantity is unknown; Sitting in front of the TV can always be a last resort.