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Darwinian Huts in the Woods

Darwinian Huts in the Woods

Written by Wouter in Society on

We all know about Darwin and his philosophies, but for those who don't; Charles Darwin was a self-proclaimed, self-taught expert in the fields of history, biology and geology. He's mostly known for his theories about natural selection and the way this impacts evolution in this day and age.

What's happening today, seems to be worse than what happened yesterday. The events that happen every day seem to be driving our society further apart; the opposite of what politicians, new technologies and non-profit organisations promise to accomplish.

Personally, I find it hard to not get caught up in this. To stay the course and to not find myself filled with negativity about where we're heading. How the end is approaching and how we're turning everything to sh*t.

I think we've all dreamed of living in a little hut in the woods. Disconnected from the hectic, adrenaline-filled world we live in today. Away from the noise that's unapologetically thrown at us. Away from the impulses that lead us to where we are. Away from the tsunami of on demand attention takers that the internet has become.

In the end though, more people than we would have space for, would love to live in the woods, in our own little communities. We would end up having to create a new society, unlearning the learned and redefining the already defined. To me, this seems like a mission that doomed to fail.

I don't think we're made for peace and quiet. We are -without opinions attached- made to compete. Our ego is meant to be stroked. And we are meant to socialize, win people over and deceive.

To end on a positive note: We've made it this far, who's to say we won't make it another 500 years?

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